Monday, April 23, 2007

BKASC: Stavenger

Today's Better know a Scandinavian City: Bergen

The Pulpit Rock

The city is situated between a group of mountains known collectively as de syv fjell ("the seven mountains"). It is also known as the capital of fjord country.

The road to Bergen is hardly a road, as there are two car ferries required in order to get to the city. I call it the Seattle of Norway, as it rains on average 270 days a year (yes it rained both days we were there.)

I'm the king of the car ferry... or at least the upper deck anyways

Bergen hosted the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest, which is a an an annual competition held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), in which participating countries each submit a song to be performed on live television; then proceed to cast votes for the other countries' songs, in order to find the most popular song in the competition (AKA European Idol wayyyy... before American Idol was around [1956])

It's raining...

The fish market is obviously a central part of the city, and they sell all sorts of varieties of fish.

And also aliens... what the heck is that brown thing!?!

The road away from Bergen doesn't go too far before you take a ferry again... a ferry to heaven!

Next issue... Better Know a Scandinavian Mountain Range!!!

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